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Beach Vacation
Beach Vacation

Your vacation is waiting

It's your turn to #getawaywithdani

Destinations By Dani is a full service travel design agency dedicated to excellent customer service and client satisfaction, specializing in group travel and Caribbean and Mexico all-inclusive packages. I collaborate with the top travel suppliers and utilize my training and industry certifications to best serve you according to your unique vacation dreams.


When you hire Destinations By Dani as your Travel Designer, you can expect devoted time and effort to ensure your expectations are exceeded. 


We all work hard; we all deserve a break. Allow Destinations By Dani to curate your next travel experience. It's time for you to #getawaywithdani.

Designing Your Dream

Customized Travel Design and Personalized Service​

Successfully pairing travel design with your travel dreams involves expertise, care, and time that neither you nor I have to waste. 


I design your getaway based on your request, with respect to your preferences, your budget, your previous travel experiences, as well as my personal experience and access to travel industry resources. I do this by completing regular trainings, networking and building relationships with travel partners and suppliers, and maintaining updated certifications so that I can efficiently serve you. I've carefully partnered with preferred travel suppliers based on their abilities to meet your specific needs and wants for the various elements of your trip. Customization and personalization are key.

Free Initial Consultation

The Start of Our Relationship

Let's connect with a Discovery Call to get to know each other and discuss your hopes, wants, needs, travel style, and your past travel experiences, both positive and negative. I'll share with you my design process from planning & booking to traveling & return. We will not go into detail about itineraries and pricing at this time. Our Discovery Call is our meet & greet and introduction to Destinations By Dani and your #getawaywithdani experience, so we can determine if we're a good fit for each other.

Travel Design Agreement

Research & Design Fee: starting at $100

A signed Travel Design Agreement outlining our relationship and work process as well as a non-refundable Research & Design Fee is required for all trip requests. This covers destination research, such as culture, tourist patterns, activities, requirements for entry, exit, and safety and health, and, of course, designing and managing your customized travel experience from initial inquiry to your return, including advocacy on your behalf in the event that something goes wrong. The Research & Design Fee also aids in supporting Destinations By Dani's safety and security compliance.

Fee Structure

  • For 1-4 room requests or reservations: $100 per trip request due immediately to begin service.

  • For 5-10 room requests or reservations*: $200 per trip request due immediately to begin service.

  • For 10-15 room requests or reservations*: $250 per trip request due immediately to begin service.

  • For 15+ room requests or reservations*: $300 per trip request due immediately to begin service. 


*Group Travel Design Requests: 

Reservation/booking deposits include a one-time group management service fee of $50 per group member (over age 2). 

  • This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

  • The lead guest that has submitted the travel design request is exempt from the group management service fee. 

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