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How This Works

Travel planning involves time and expertise…Time neither you nor I have to waste. It’s the only thing we can’t get back. So how fitting that you’re here, with hopes of creating some great memories, having new experiences, seeing some place extraordinary, and being somewhere new whether by yourself or with your loved ones. And I get to help you get there.

Recommendations for each of my clients are based on their requests, with respect to preferences and budget, their previous travel experiences, as well as my personal experience and industry resources. I participate in regular trainings, networking, and maintain updated certifications so I can efficiently serve you. And for each trip, I partner with suppliers based on their ability to meet my clients’ specific needs and wants for the various elements that make up their trips. 

I do require a non-refundable Professional Service Fee for all trips. This fee helps to support Destinations By Dani's safety and security compliance, research, and planning, building and managing my clients’ customized and individualized travel experience from initial inquiry to their return.

Requiring a Professional Service Fee helps to distinguish “shoppers” from those who are serious about taking the vacation they want. It is ultimately a time management tool for me to work wisely…to work smart, and not exhaust myself or my resources. There are some clients who will never book, and only want information and quotes…and there are those, like you, who are ready to go, know what they want, are prepared to make a deposit to secure their vacation, and allow me to walk with them through the entire process from idea to booking to boarding, and back.

As your personal Travel Advisor, I pride myself on the value I provide for my clients. You can easily go online to any OTA (over-the-air) booking site to purchase flights, accommodations, tours, a cruise and excursions, etc. But a website will not answer your questions outside of their posted FAQ's, or be able to get to know you on a personal level to customize your trip to your very specific needs or wants; their call center closes at a certain time and you may not be able to reach their customer service when it's 3:00 AM there, but 3:00 PM in your destination where something has gone wrong. In a time of crisis, I am your advocate. 

Check out How Travel Agents Are Paid​ to see why I require a Professional Service Fee.


So, now that we’ve got that out the way...What can you expect from me? 

As your personal travel advisor and travel advocate, I conduct research and save you the time you would otherwise spend doing so. I do all the planning, provide you with a custom itinerary specific to you (no cookie-cutter trips here!), offer and book excursions, and provide my support before and during travel, including, but not limited to: customized trip specific information and reminder emails throughout the process, a mobile app for direct communication and immediate access to your customized itinerary with real-time flight updating, 24/7 service during travel, travel documents, luggage tag holders (for cruise clients), thoughtful and useful “knick knacks” for your trip, customized web pages for group trip member registrations, and a Thank You gift for your referral after they’ve completed travel.

So there are 3 steps to getting started:

After you've scheduled your 1) free consultation so we can have an introductory conversation to decide if we are a good fit for each other, completed your 2Trip Requestand submitted the 3) Professional Service Fee, then I get started right away working on your dream trip. I provide you with up to 3 proposals to review, and you get to decide which trip will be your best trip!

Let’s get the ball rolling on planning your next vacation. A plan starts with an idea...so what ideas do you have for your next trip? Share with me your vision for your vacation. Who’s going with you? Where are you going? How are you getting there? Tell me what you and your party are interested in, and I’ll get to work. Click here to complete the Trip Request form.

I’m ready to get to know you and serve you! I can't wait to help you #getawaywithdani!